Asuka Orchids
San Bruno, California
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Upcoming Orchid Shows:

Shows will be posted closer to the events.  At this
time the next shows we plan to attend will be held
in 2019.


    Welcome to the home of Asuka Orchids.  Our specialties
    are cool growing orchids.  All of our orchids have been bred
    to be used to an outdoor environment in sunny San Bruno,


    We have pictures of many of the orchids in our collection
    Masdevallia, Dendrobium Kingianum, Cymbidiums,
    Pleurothallis, Spiranthes, Pterostylis, Stenoglottis and
    Orchid Supplies

    We are very happy to now be able to offer you an
    assortment of orchid growing supplies, including Chinese
    cymbidium plant pots.  For additional information, please
    visit our supply page
Pictures from Asuka Orchids Growing Area:
Masdevallia  growing
happily beside the rose
garden (at the satellite
Asuka -  working with the
Cymbidiums everywhere!
Dennis working in the
rose garden
     Asuka Orchids
Asuka Orchids satellite location.
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New Zealand Moss
The main Masdevallia growing area -
orchids are outdoors with shade net
above and vented panels to the side to
allow good air circulation, but protect
from heavy winds..
Dendrobium orchids
Miltonia and Aprophyllum pictured in
the upper growing area.
This is our Stanhopea "cage".  We lost many of these beautiful
plants to the local wildlife.  One day we were checking on our  
stanhopea and suddenly the leaves started dropping off.  
They had been chewed off at the base.

We immediately built a secured area thinking squirrels or
raccoons were the culprits, only to have the same recurring
issue.  There was only 1 tiny hole in the cage area, so we
thought it might be mice.  We plugged it tightly and the issue
seems to have been resolved.

We won't use poison or traps, so it takes a lot of work to
protect our orchids from the "locals".
Our potting area
All the white Sarcochilus lined up in a
row.  Way in the background, you can
see a couple of colored ones.
Our Dendrobium show table at one of
the local orchid expos.
Masd. Sunset Jaguar
"chaparensis x
Copper Angel"
(approx. 10 leaves)
Den. kingianum "Red
10 cane division
; 4 cane division $45