Welcome to the home of Asuka Orchids.  Our specialties
    are cool growing orchids.  All of our orchids have been bred
    to be used to an outdoor environment in sunny San Bruno,


    We have pictures of many of the orchids in our collection
    Masdevallia, Dendrobium Kingianum, Cymbidiums,
    Pleurothallis, Spiranthes, Pterostylis, Stenoglottis and
    Orchid Supplies

    We are very happy to now be able to offer you an
    assortment of orchid growing supplies, including Chinese
    cymbidium plant pots.  For additional information, please
    visit our supply page  Orchid Supplies
Pictures from the 2008 Pacific Orchid Exposition:
Masdevallia  growing happily
beside the rose garden
Asuka -  working with the orchids
Asuka Orchids 2008 Show Table and some of our award winning orchids pictured above.
Roses in bloom
Cymbidiums everywhere!
Dennis working in the
rose garden
     Asuka Orchids
Asuka Orchids satellite location.
November 24, 2013:  Effective immediately, we will no longer be selling Disa.
Featured Orchids:

Masdevallia veitchiana "Al Smith' AM/AOS        

Masdevallia veitchiana 'Cow Hollow' AM/AOS  
June 26, 2017   -   New Masdevallia orchids added!    
Masd. veitchiana 'Al Smith' AM/AOS
$45 for an 8 to 10 leaf mature division
Masdevallia veitchiana 'Al Smith' AMAOS   $45   (8 to
10 leaf division)
Masdevallia veitchiana 'Cow Hollow' AMAOS  $55 (8 to
10 leaf division)