Ruby Reds
Measure about 1/2 inch.  Beads are
pressed glass and crystals.
            Sitting Pretty

Small bookmark.  Beads are pressed glass,
crystal cut and lamp work.
     World Famous Pup

Beads are pressed glass and cut
glass.  Small size bookmark
           Aqua Leopard Kitty
Small bookmark with lamp work beads,
pressed glass and wooden spotted bead.
            Holiday Party

Large bookmark.  Beads are lamp work,
pressed glass and crystal cut.
                 Party Animal

Large bookmark.  Beads are lampwork,
pressed glass and crystal cut.  
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Carla Cuties
New Earrings pictured below - February 21, 2016

These will be available at the Furchandise store in
Burlingame by the end of March.