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We are pleased to be able to offer you the following supplies
for your orchid care.

Prices are listed next to the pictures.  Please refer to our
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Chinese Cymbidium  Pots

Left:  Plastic pot 3-1/2" wide by 7-1/2" tall,
drainage holes in bottom only. Additional
custom holes can be drilled on the sides
at no extra charge.  

Right:  Large plastic pot 4" wide by 8"
From left to right:
Pumice brands are
Akadama, Kanuma and
Huga Pumice - available
in 3 different pumice sizes -
small, medium & large.  
$10.00 per gallon.
Akadama Pumice -
available in medium
(approx 6mm pieces)
or large (approx 12mm
pieces) pumice size.  
$10.00 per gallon
From left to right:  
Akadama, Huga and
Kanuma pumice
$10.00 per gallon.
A Little About Pumice . . .

Pumice may seem to be a somewhat expensive planting medium,
however, unlike mosses or soil, it can be used over and over

Kanuma Pumice   

This is the pumice that holds the most moisture.  It promotes a
high degree of root growth.  It is similar in moisture retention to
sphagnum moss.  We have found this to be very good for our
Disa orchids.

Akadama Pumice

This is the "middle of the road" pumice.  It does not retain as
much moisture as Kanuma, but does retain more than Huga

Huga Pumice

Huga pumice holds the least moisture.  It is best for plants where
you want very fast drainage and little moisture retention - such as
Goeringii and cymbidium sinense.
We only have the
small size grade in the
Kanuma pumice.

Please note: Pumice is quite heavy and is somewhat
expensive to ship
.  A USPS Priority Mail medium flat rate
box will hold 2-1/2 gallons of pumice and the shipping cost
alone is $13.65 (as of 2/5/18).

If you can purchase it locally, it will probably be much more

If you want to mail order, you should purchase the 2-1/2
gallons to take advantage of the flat rate shipping box.