Please e-mail us for availability AsukaOrchids@Yahoo.com.   
Then we will advise you of total costs prior to placing your order.  
With your initial e-mail,
please include your ZIP CODE, so that
we can provide you an accurate shipping cost.  We are located in
San Bruno, California.  

We do not have a retail store and,
currently, we are not
accepting visitors.

Export:  We accept continental US orders only, we do not export.

Minimum Order:  $25.00

:  We accept personal checks or US Postal money
orders.  We’re sorry, but we do not take credit cards.  Checks
should be made out to “M. Asuka”.  

Shipping Issues (Delays):  Please use the shipping information
provided when you order to track your package.  We are not
responsible for any issues which occur during transit.  If you do
not receive your package within 4 business days (USPS usually
provides delivery within 3 business days), contact your local post
office directly for assistance.  

Shipping Costs:  This depends on the size/weight of your order
and the destination.  We ship United States Postal Service
Priority mail.  Generally, this will be a 2 (sometimes 3) business
days delivery time.  We don’t charge handling fees and we won’t
intentionally charge you any more for shipping than it costs us.  

Shipping Schedule: We generally ship early in the week so that
your plants are in transit for as short a time as possible, avoiding
any possible weekend delays.

Wholesale Orders:  We are a small independent grower.  We
do not have sufficient stock to be able to offer large quantities or
any discount pricing. If this is what you're looking for, please
check some of the sites listed on our Resources page.

Tax:  For California residents, tax will be added to the price of
your order. Sorry, it’s the law . . .

Refunds:  We do not offer refunds or exchanges and we do not
accept returns.  We do our
very best to send you only healthy,
viable plants that are exactly as we advertise them to be.  

If you do not feel comfortable with our policy, it is probably best
for you to shop at one of the many orchid shows offered
throughout the year.  You can contact your local orchid society to
find out when these shows are held in your area.  Orchid
societies are also an excellent resource to meet other orchid
enthusiasts and to find out what types of orchids will thrive in your

"Shopping the Shows" also gives you the opportunity to see
offerings from many different vendors - including those from
around the world.

Orchid Culture Information:  We are frequently asked for
information on the best conditions in which to grow your orchids.
Your environment will be different than ours, and your plants will
have a period of adjustment to their new homes.  For the
advice on growing your orchids, you should consult your local
orchid society.  There is no better advice than that of a fellow
orchid grower dealing with the same growing conditions that you
do.  There is also a very good website which can provide some
general culture information and that is

The Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia
Questions:  If you
have any special order
requests, please email
us for information.

Thank you!

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