Prices still in effect:  August 10, 2017

Orchid Supplies

We now offer special
supplies for your orchid
growing needs.  Please
check out our offers by
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Orchid Supplies.
Dendrobium Kingianum: 3 plants/different
$50.00      Discounted to $35
For the 4 plant dendrobium special which
is the above plus a white one, the price i
Dracula felix
(2 divisions)  
Current Specials
Pleurothallis palliolata
Pleurothallis 'dragonstone' (alternate views)
Special pricing
$12.00 (discounted from $20)
Pterostylis Curta
On sale from $7 to
(per bulb)
Neofinetia falcata (white)
On sale for $12.00
Neofinetia falcata
On sale for  $29

Laelia Anceps v Delicata          $25.00 (picture on Misc. Pictures page)

Coeologyne fimbriata  (species)       $15.00       (no blooming picture

Masdevallia Coriacea                                     Reduced 50% from $25 to $12.50
Coelogyne Mooreana 'Brockhurst' FCC/RHS       Reduced from $30 to $20
Maxillaria grandifloria x molitor                       Reduced from $35 to $20  

Dendrochillum Williamsii $15 reduced from $18
Sarcochilus hartmanii reduced to $12 from $18
Please note:  Pterostylis can only be
shipped from July through mid-
November.  Shipping months are
approximate - it depends on whether or
not the bulbs are still dormant.  
Coeologyne fimbriata
Dendrobium kingianum 'Streaker'  
Reduced from $38 to $28

(fully mature, previously bloomed,
approx. 12 canes)
Dendrobium kingianum 'Cinnabar' -
Reduced from $45 to $25

(size: fully mature, previously bloomed,
approx. 12 canes). Should bloom in
March, currently in bud.(11/16/16)
Speciosum Penduculatum  Reduced from $50 to $30
Arpophyllum alpinum (sp)  On sale for $28 (reduced from $38)
Approx. 15 cane division - choice of red or purple flowers.